Saginaw Art Museum – “Art of War: Call to Action in Support of the Great War”

The Saginaw Art Museum hosted Steve Berge, military hobbyist and collector, for a special lecture as a part of the Museum’s current exhibit, “Art of War: Call to Action in Support of the Great War.”  Berge displayed items of wartime (e.g., helmets and shells) that were transformed into works of art by homeward bound soldiers. The exhibit in the Graphic Art Gallery includes astounding war time posters from World War I.

Go check it out for yourself now through February 28, 2015. More details at

saginaw art museum war posters-01-20141112-DSC_5351

saginaw art museum war posters-02-20141112-DSC_5355saginaw art museum war posters - 01 saginaw art museum war posters - 02  saginaw art museum war posters-03-20141112-DSC_5361 saginaw art museum war posters-04-20141112-DSC_5357 saginaw art museum war posters-05-20141112-DSC_5362

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