Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm – Johnson’s Rope Company

Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm lives up to its name with pumpkins larger than most 3 year olds, but the scope of the farm goes beyond the pumpkins. There are animals including goats, chickens, emus just to name a few. Of course if you are looking to get lost in the outdoors you can check out the corn “maize”. When you make it out you’ll need to pick up some cider and a very fresh doughnut.

Tucked into all the action is a small brown building called Johnson’s Rope Company. Inside you’ll find David who will rope you in with his enthusiasm for, you guessed it, rope. Just when you thought rope couldn’t get more interesting, he’ll give a demonstration of his rope making machine. He is there most weekends when the beets aren’t calling him into the field. Go check out the Johnson’s Rope Company this weekend. Why knot?!

For hours and more information about Johnson’s Giant Pumpkin Farm, visit:

johnsons giant pumpkins - 00 johnsons giant pumpkins - 01 johnsons giant pumpkins - 02 johnsons giant pumpkins - 03

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