Theodore Roethke Stamp Party at the Roethke House – April 28,2012

Philatelists,poets, and Roethke lovers gathered together
To see a new stamp with his his likeness on the cover
Music and verse echoed through his home
As the Saginaw remembered the man’s great poems
–By: Thor

Visit to learn more about Saginaw native and Pulitzer Prize winning poet,Theodore Roethke. A second stamp party will occur at the Castle Museum May 9 from 2:30-4pm. Additional upcoming events hosted by the Friends of Theodore Roethke include a Birthday celebration May 19 and 20 as well as a Beer and Chocolate party in the Fall.

2 responses to “Theodore Roethke Stamp Party at the Roethke House – April 28,2012”

  1. Nice job, Thor. Great photos.

    ~ Charles Davenport, board member, Friends of Theodore Roethke

  2. Thor says:

    Thank you Charles.I appreciate your work to host the party!

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